Questions & Answers - 2/12/2010

I am off in force and my Health & Welfare extended benefits have expired; if I receive a call and work one day while furloughed will my Health coverage be retriggered?

“If your Health and Welfare coverage has lapsed due to furlough and you receive a call and actually work (even just in an emergency situation) coverage will be reinstated for at least four more months.”


How is a Combination Extra Board employee handled that misses a call? 

“Employees assigned to the Combination Extra Board that are called and miss a call will be removed from the Combination Extra Board until the employee contacts CREW or updates his/her status electronically.  If the employee does not contact CREW the employee will be automatically marked up at the expiration of 24 hours from the actual time of the original missed call.”


How long does an employee returning from vacation have to displace?

"The employee has until NOON, those not displacing (or marking up) by NOON are assigned to the appropriate extra board."